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about welfy

Welfy exists because of a seed of an idea discussed over a kitchen table. It started with a question…

What if prioritising your energy and wellbeing was always first on the list, rather than last?

What would life look like?

After experiencing a physical and mental burnout at the age of 38, Vanessa became obsessed with answering this question. Climbing the ladder, fighting for the promotion, exceeding those KPIs. None of it had been worthwhile.

It had left her empty, depressed and with a serious autoimmune condition that rendered her rattling with drugs, unable to walk, drive or feed her baby. The model of relentless achievement was not the one for her.

So she walked out on her board level role and 20 year career in marketing and put all of her energy into getting drug free and in remission, retrained as a Coach, and Welfy was born.

our mission

we want to redefine success.

success is not achieving your work related goals whilst the rest of your life burns.

success is not reaching your potential whilst others are left damaged in your wake.

success is prioritising your own energy and wellbeing so that you can live a life where you and those around you thrive.

our purpose

We want to reach as many people as possible with our unique and highly effective training and coaching programmes.


success is prioritising your own energy and wellbeing so that you can live a life where you and those around you thrive.


our team

we have hand picked some very special friends along the way… meet the welfy family.

Vanessa Juby
co-founder and lead coach

Vanessa has spent the past twenty years working in advertising both at Board Level in Creative Agencies and in Global roles Client side at Unilever.

she is now a trained business coach and proud mother to Blake, one naughty puppy and two grumpy cats.

she loves meeting new people, going to new places and listening to Billie Holiday. her energy levels are often so high she audibly fizzes.

Amy Hall
co-founder and coach

Amy has worked in senior sales and leadership roles with major FMCG players including Beiersdorf and Mars for the last 15 years. after thriving in the results driven, competitive and fast-paced world, she now wants to find purpose in helping others to create the life they want.

Amy embraces a challenge and has retrained as an Ayurvedic nutritionist. she loves family getaways, cooking and entertaining and gin (in moderation of course). when she can’t get out and about, she may be found raving in her kitchen.

Charlotte Bull


Kate Hearn

trainer and coach

Charlotte Pownall


Amanda Hickey

trainer and coach

Mari Cuice


Alison Curtis

therapist and NLP practitioner

Helen Couriel

play therapist

Kathy Chillistone

MHFA trainer

Cara Wheatley-McGrain

coach and gut expert

Kerry Davies

coach and sleep expert

Zak Miah

yoga and mindfulness instructor

Dunke Afe


Thomas Oflaherty

movement specialist

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