the (short) story of welfy




After decades in the corporate world we reached a tipping point where we needed to channel our energy into something new.

We had both spent so much of our careers running, racing, relentlessly pushing, proving, re-proving, worrying, wondering, apologising.

Loving it most days but at times, totally exhausted by the pressure of juggling it all.

Forever climbing expectations of time and energy until the bank is empty.

More and more “baby birds” demanding attention as you climb up the ladder and manage larger teams.

That nagging feeling that there is always something you should be doing. Giving a little bit more. Being a touch more proactive. Staying that bit later. Being a bit more committed.

More plates spinning as life gets yet more complicated with children and mortgages and sick parents and far far too much adulting. Too much guilt.

Life was becoming totally out of balance. Relationships suffered. Health took a hammering.

But then we realised, hang on, it isn’t all out of our hands, it is absolutely in our control. It is possible to manage our energy and even have more of it than ever before.

We can fill up the bank until it’s bursting at the seams.

We just didn’t realise you have to stop being so reactive and leaving yourself at the bottom of the priority pile.
It hadn’t dawned on us that you have to take control of managing your wellbeing.
We didn’t know that it’s in everyone’s interest to put yourself first.
And even if we did, we had never been taught how?

Welfy believes that success is not just succeeding at work, while every other aspect of your life falls to pieces.

Welfy believes that success is learning how to prioritise yourself and manage your habits so that you have the resources to take it all on better than ever before.

The massive to do list. The impossible brief. The endless lifemin. Your treasured but testy relationships. Your future health. Whatever life throws.

Welfy will show you how and it will feel amazing.

meet our founders


When Vanessa and Amy met four years ago, they realised that they could combine their big business backgrounds and new found passion for wellbeing into something truly worthwhile.


Vanessa has spent the past twenty years working in advertising both at Board Level in Creative Agencies and in Global roles Client side at Unilever.

She is now a trained Business Coach and proud mother to four year old Blake, one naughty puppy and two grumpy cats.

She loves meeting new people, going to new places and listening to Billie Holiday.

Her energy levels are often so high she audibly fizzes.


Amy has worked in senior sales and leadership roles with FMCG brands including Beiersdorf and Mars for over 15 years. Now she wants to find purpose in helping others to create the life they want.

She has retrained as an Ayurvedic nutritionist and loves (mostly) fielding a busy home life with four year old Robyn and two year old Seb, plus two more Welfy cats.

She loves family getaways, cooking and entertaining and gin (in moderation of course). When she can’t get out and about, she may be found raving in her kitchen.