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workplace wellbeing training that works

Whether you are looking for a quick boost to your people’s wellbeing from afar or are planning a full health check to get your business fit for the ‘new normal’, Welfy has the service to support you.

our services

workplace wellbeing online taster

Get the best of Welfy when your people need it most with this 90 minute session delivered online via Zoom.

team leader training

Team leaders are gatekeepers to lasting impact. If they adopt better practices, their people will follow.

one to one leadership coaching

Invest in your future stars with one to one coaching that will inspire sustainable positive change.

workplace wellbeing workshop

Transform your people’s wellbeing and productivity with a full day immersion into the world of Welfy.
Currently being delivered online via one hour Zoom sessions daily for one week.

workplace wellbeing champion training

Accelerate the adoption of the most productive workplace wellbeing habits by training champions.
Zoom sessions daily for one week.

workplace wellbeing masterclass

Take things to the next level with Welfy Masterclasses in a specific area of need that has been identified.

the welfy dial

Welfy’s evidence based offering pivots on the Welfy dial. We believe that the four quadrants of the dial: eat, rest, move and recharge must be attuned in order for any individual to be performing at their best.

EAT – is about nourishing your body for optimal energy and health today and tomorrow

REST – is about maximising productivity whilst working less (yes, that’s less), taking back control from tech and the secrets to quality sleep

MOVE – is about changing our sedentary ways one step at a time

RECHARGE – is about identifying who, where and what recharges your energy

At the centre of the dial is BALANCE. This is where the magic happens. It’s about identifying and removing waste from our lives and learning how we can adopt lasting habits that grow.

When these elements are working together, they create an upward spiral - progressively better days for the individual and measurable improvements in productivity for businesses.

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measurement matters

Decades of experience in big businesses means that at Welfy, we understand that every pound spent must pay back. We love a KPI.

Our service is fiercely focused on getting to a sustainable positive change in your business, and we can prove it. 

We have developed a unique methodology for assessing the wellbeing of your employees before and after Welfy.

The Welfy Temperature Check can be used on an ongoing basis to assess the health of your people through the inevitable peaks and troughs of corporate life. For many businesses it’s become an invaluable tool and a simple way to diagnose when it’s time to invest in an injection of Welfy wellbeing.

Welfy is also able to work with management teams to develop bespoke measurement frameworks that incorporate productivity measures.

workplace wellbeing is not a nice extra, it’s a strategic imperative

better talent

52% of employees agree that they would choose a company that cared about their wellbeing over a company that pays 10% more


fewer absences

The average employee loses 36 days of productive time per year due to health-related absence

Workplace wellbeing programmes reduce absenteeism



enhanced performance

FTSE 100 companies who prioritise engagement outperform those which do not by 10%


why is Welfy different?


Welfy works because our content is based on the latest research, our own Business Coaching and Ayurveda training, plus decades of big business experience. Time with Welfy is intriguing, practical and actionable. It is never obvious, fluffy or stuck in the conceptual.


Every experience you have with Welfy is a real-life demonstration of the lessons we teach. You will be looking at human faces, not brain-numbing slides. You will spend time outdoors and you will move, not endless hours in a windowless room. You will have nourishing food and drinks that help you manage your energy, rather than spiking it desperately with Haribo and double espressos. We bring a flavour of this to our remote webinars too. Not because it’s ‘nice’ but because it works.


Welfy listens generously to the needs of your business and employees to ensure that our service is tailored to you. We have the frameworks and the approach to be able to adapt and to ensure that you get to sustainable positive change as a result of working with us.