workplace wellbeing training that works

evidence-based training programmes that arm employees with the knowledge and tools to make long lasting change to their total wellbeing - resulting in increased productivity, reduced turnover and fewer absences.

wellbeing training that works

What is welfy?

even stars burn out

work related stress accounts for 50% of all time off

National Statistics 2018

70 million working days lost annually due to stress, anxiety & depression

Mental Health Foundation 2019

61% of employees have experienced illness because of work related stress, with 42% deciding to quit to avoid burnout

Monster 2014

we can expect to see at least 1/2 million more people experiencing mental ill health issues in the UK as a result of the pandemic

Centre for Mental Health 2020

The ‘corporate wellness’ trend has very much arrived but so much of it is a box ticking exercise with no measurable impact.

The rate of work-related stress, depression and anxiety has increased in the UK in recent years, not fallen.

we believe that success needs to be redefined

It can’t just be about climbing the ladder no matter the cost
It’s time to proactively invest in your people’s total wellbeing
It’s time to arm them with knowledge and tools that will make a lasting change to their resilience
It’s time to future proof your future leaders
It’s time to make a step change in productivity

It’s time to get Welfy

welfy /ˈwɛlθi/ adjective

An evolving state where a person’s physical and mental condition are prioritised above all else, resulting in the ability to live a full, healthy and productive life every day

Welfy definition

bringing big business thinking into the wellness arena

With its ex-Mars and ex-Unilever Founders, Welfy is uniquely able to bring big business thinking to the sometimes intangible area of wellbeing. We understand that it has to be measurable and provide a return on investment.

We know that it has to pack maximum impact in minimum minutes.

We get that clever and simple trumps overly complicated every time.

One good, memorable model is so much more valuable than a folder full of them.

And we know that everyone is unique, so our approach is easily personalised to different businesses and individuals.

Get workplace wellbeing training that works. Get Welfy.

how can we help

workplace wellbeing online taster

Get the best of Welfy when your people need it most with this 90 minute session delivered online via Zoom.

team leader training

Team leaders are gatekeepers to lasting impact. If they adopt better practices, their people will follow.

one to one leadership coaching

Invest in your future stars with one to one coaching that will inspire sustainable positive change.

workplace wellbeing workshop

Transform your people’s wellbeing and productivity with a full day immersion into the world of Welfy.
Currently being delivered online via one hour Zoom sessions daily for one week.

workplace wellbeing champion training

Accelerate the adoption of the most productive workplace wellbeing habits by training champions.
Zoom sessions daily for one week.

workplace wellbeing masterclass

Take things to the next level with Welfy Masterclasses in a specific area of need that has been identified.

organisations that are investing in their people’s wellbeing are winning

20% more productive

Gallup 2016


21% more profitable

Gallup 2016



37% less sick leave

Gallup 2010




34% lower staff turnover

Gallup 2010


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