Mullercase study

Muller is one of the nation’s favourite dairy brands, sourcing milk from 1300 farmers in Britain to develop, manufacture and market a wide range of branded and private label dairy products for the UK market and across Europe. They purpose is simple, they want to  add taste to life.

The Muller UK Sales team recognised that times have been hard for their people, in the wake of the pandemic and an increasingly challenging market, they wanted to bring the team together to enhance their self awareness, create stronger connections and provide tools to help support in rebuilding resilience.

We created a bespoke interactive workshop called, The 3 steps to building and maintaining resilience. Incorporating:

  • A walking Welfy podcast to listen to in nature as “pre work” prompting valuable reflection
  • A three hour workshop which worked through identifying key stressors, stress signature, helpful and unhelpful coping strategies and learning how to create new habits that stick
  • The whole session weaved in insights from their Insights Colour Profiles which they’d explored in their morning session, further enhancing their self awareness and empathy for one another.
What a great day it was. You helped us to realise that taking time to improve yourself is “selfless” and not “selfish”, in fact it’s critical to self growth. To be the best dad, mum, partner, sales person you have to bring the best version of yourself, anything less is selfish. Brilliant reflection from your session and solid feedback from the SLT 🙂
- Anthony Frankland, Muller

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