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Clinisupplies is a global healthcare company offering medical devices to help people live more freely. They believe in putting the consumer at the heart of everything they do in order to innovate and provide a superior service. 

the leadership team wanted to help their people come closer together and boost their resilience in the wake of the global pandemic. some people had been furloughed, some had been working harder than ever, there was some resentment, some significant fear about returning to the office and a lot of unprocessed experiences relating to lockdown. With an ambitious growth plan, Clinisupplies leaders knew that they needed to act to encourage wellbeing, engagement and healthy collaboration between teams.

we created a bespoke programme called You2 designed to reconnect people, create space for reflection and training on stress/reframe of resilience. The programme consisted of:

  • Eflyer to promote the sessions
  • Temperature check before and after to gauge impact
  • 90 min group coaching sessions x11 sessions (groups of 5-8)
  • x2 90 minute virtual wellbeing training sessions to reach all employees and teach the fundamentals of stress management, how to form healthy habits that stick and build resilience every day
  • 14% increase in perceived sense of wellbeing from Jan - June with our interventions, in a year when engagement was falling
  • 23% increase in the statement “I am happy at work right now”
  • Group Coaching Participant: “It was great to come together with different people throughout the business who you might not ordinarily mix with. It felt like a safe space to talk freely and to set personal goals for the future, to lean into the resilience that has been built over the past 2 years.”
  • Amanda Cass: Testimonial about You2 below
I have been working with Vanessa and Amy for over 2 years now and they have supported us with an array of training and inspiration as well as strategies. They take the time to really understand what your challenges are as a business and then put together interactive and modern hybrid sessions to deliver. Leadership training and company culture have been top of the agenda for most businesses since the pandemic and they are both experts in this field and never short of ideas on what we can do to engage and motivate our people. They have the amazing ability to very quickly build relationships and connect with their audience no matter how big or small. It feels good to know that you are not only able to provide this training for people for personal gains but they also relate benefits of wellbeing in the workplace and back it up with evidence and research. They know all the foundations and basics but if you are looking for a training experience that is ahead of the curve then you should reach out to them. They are invaluable partners to work with and quite easily align themselves with your own company goals and values. They are also extremely credible individually but a true force together and as people they are a joy, charming and very funny to collaborate with, although a little warning you may get plant and home decor envy when you meet them virtually!
- Amarie Bonass, Head of Learning & Development, Clinisupplies
It was back in December 2021 when we were slowly coming out of lockdown, I realised that returning to ‘normal’ was not as simple as just getting everyone back to work - whether that be in the office or back out on the roads. We had all been through a lot and as a distributor of medical devices, most (but not all) of our operations had remained open throughout the pandemic. With our employees, we had a true mixture of everything – our field teams had been on furlough for months, our distribution centre had remained open throughout, some of our office staff had to work from home full-time and some of them had to be in the office on a regular basis. As we gradually came out of the pandemic, it was clear that every one of our brilliant team had undergone a variety of experiences and traumas during this time. We needed to do something to help them come to terms with what they had been through and understand what it was like for others in the Company.

That’s where Welfy came in. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for, but I happened upon the Welfy site, read all about Amy and Vanessa and thought they would be a great place to start. Having arranged an introductory meeting with them and given them our background, they immediately understood what was needed. They proposed a fantastic program which we called You2.

You2 was a blend of group coaching sessions (11 sessions were run and all face-to-face, which was novel in early 2022); followed up with virtual training sessions for all employees teaching them the fundamentals of stress management and how to form healthy habits that stick and build resilience every day. And temperature checks were taken before the program kick-off and after the program had finished to gauge whether it had really made a difference to our team’s engagement and wellbeing. Welfy also put together e-flyers to help promote the sessions.

I can honestly say it was a huge success. People who were sceptical about both the coaching and it being ‘in person’ came away re-energised and with a new appreciation of how important face-to-face interactions are. And at a time when engagement was falling UK-wide, we were able to see a 14% increase in our team’s sense of wellbeing. Such was the success, we have continued to develop our relationship with Welfy to help us on the journey of enhancing engagement and wellbeing throughout the organisation.

A true game-changer.
- Amanda Cass

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